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The 12 Week Mind Workout is a method for training your mental strength, developed by Wouter de Jong.

Isn’t it amazing that everything we do passes through the filter we call consciousness, but we pay so little attention to the actual filter?! In the West, we have never been as affluent as we are today, but if you consider that in the UK, for example, one in four people experience mental health conditions every year and that mental ill health is responsible for 72 million working days lost and costs £34.9 billion each year, then it looks as if the progress inside our heads is not keeping up.

You might easily fill a book with all the goals and ambitions you’d like to achieve in your life, but the main objective – whether you go camping, ride the bus, read this sentence, attend a meeting or take some pain relief – is that you want to feel at ease in your own mind.

The 12 Week Mind Workout offers you the resources to maintain a constant healthy mental condition in all of life’s moments – the happy, the sad and the downright dull. If your mind is clear and sharp you know where you can make an impact and what you should accept.

You will not learn to be free from certain (inner) experiences, but you will discover freedom within your experience. It will help you maintain inner peace, even when you are sad or angry, or when things aren’t going quite as you like. You will learn to maintain or change your behaviour, which will help your life to be aligned with what really matters to you.

This book isn’t based on blind faith, quackery or waffle. It’s based on a rich, pragmatic bedrock of science on how we can influence our minds for the better. 

Each week begins with a warm-up (the theory), followed by training (the practice) and a cooling-down exercise (reflection). It’s good to know why something is beneficial, and if you put it into practice and then reflect on it, you will optimize your efforts. You can choose from three practice levels: light, medium and (for the diehards) intensive. Light training exercises will take up no extra time; you will do these exercises during your daily activities (such as taking a shower, making a phone call, or waiting at traffic lights). If you would like to do some more training, you could choose the medium level where there are plenty of audio tracks and additional exercises. These exercises require you to put in 20–30 minutes per day. If the intensive training is your thing, then expect to put in 30–45 minutes.

A clear and content mind will make you want more from life than just lazing in a hammock. It will make it more likely that we will be more involved in others than in ourselves. We will be more helpful and loving if we feel comfortable in ourselves and in our mind. We will spend more time and money on others, do more voluntary work, be more prepared to share and help, compared to unhappy people. In summary, a better world begins in your mind.

Since it's been first published in 2018 in The Netherlands, The 12 Week Mind Workout has been an instant bestseller. It has been translated around the globe, and has already helped hundred of thousands of people to become mentally stronger. So why not try it out for yourself ;-) 

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